Friday, December 23, 2011


Kate and I just had a ridiculous conversation about the kitchen cabinets, which she kept pronouncing "tabinips." She was stuck like a broken record, going round and round repeating her opening phrase, "Mom, the tabinips...," then realizing she was still mispronouncing cabinets, getting frustrated and starting over from the beginning, only to helplessly say tabinips again. I'm sure it didn't help one bit that I could not keep myself from laughing. I was trying to stifle it, honestly! But of course that only made the urge to laugh even worse. She finally got angry enough at me and frustrated enough with herself that she just huffed off into the living room to watch Bob the Builder instead. I never did find out what was up with the cabinets.

Poor kid. It's tough to be misunderstood. I'll have to loan her my copy of Catcher in the Rye.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Dresses, The Conclusion

I keep forgetting to put up a photo of the dress Maggie chose for Christmas after she and Kate cold-heartedly rejected my first pick. I went back and bought a few other choices and let Maggie have her favorite from those. Here's the one she chose:

It's from Target so it's not too expensive. I like the color, but the fake Santa fur around the collar is not my favorite thing ever. So of course that fur is exactly why she liked it best! The skirt has little fabric roses all over it. Fussy!

Anyway, Kate immediately wanted one just like it and for once Maggie balked at the idea of them dressing identically. She may be growing out of the appeal of looking like your little sister's twin. I talked her into it though because I can't stand to try to find a dress that doesn't clash with this one, so Christmas twinkies it is! She'll have far more egregious things to hate me for in a few more years and will forget all about this, I'm sure.

I did also manage to find white tights and black Mary Janes for both of them and a dress for myself. Whew, I'm glad that's over. Oklahoma, here we come!

Katie Sez...

... Mommy Zookeeper, my cup of juice is on the floor.

Mommy Zookeeper??

Wait! Your cup of juice is on the floor? Does that mean that you set your cup on the floor or that it's spilled on the floor?

... Uh, (she holds her hand in the air palm up as though she's philosophizing) spiwwed.

Mommy Zookeeper indeed.