Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a lovely (and productive) Easter weekend with Mike's family up in NH. We celebrated birthdays and graduations and exciting new endeavors all around in addition to Easter itself. Many glasses were raised and many candles were blown out. There was so much to be thankful and congratulatory about, and it was lovely that we were all together to share it.

Little E's second birthday party

Friday night we celebrated EGB's second birthday with a Sesame Street themed party. The older girls "helped" her open all her presents.

Elmo party favors
Easter baskets

We had "Easter" a day early because Ana & Family had to fly home early in the morning on Sunday. The Easter Bunny accommodated us by making a special trip on Friday night so the girls could get their baskets on Saturday morning.

Candy before breakfast
Fancy lady in a hair bow and her "stylish"

Kate actually let Amy put Elizabeth's hair bow in her hair - and then left it there almost all day! It's an Easter miracle!

Easter dresses
Playdoh Easter eggs
Ready to hunt

Once the sun came out and it warmed up a bit, we ran outside to hunt eggs.

Looking sweet
This is how she really looked most of the time.

Kate was hysterical during the egg hunt. She raced full speed around the yard yelling, "I wonned!" everytime she picked up an egg. I was pretty surprised by her competitive streak as she's usually fairly laid back.

Mags has an eagle eye for hidden eggs.

There were so many eggs that the girls had to empty their baskets into shopping bags halfway through so they could keep hunting!

Can you spot the child in this photo?

We took some photos at a covered bridge of the whole family, but we didn't end up with any of those on our camera. I'll have to add one later. All the photos of the four of us turned out crazy, but this picture of the girls holding hands is sweet.

We hit the park after the family photos.
Braving the cold for a little swing time.
Dyeing eggs

The bunny cake in the lower left hand corner is Roger's birthday cake! Delicious!

Chilly New England Easter Sunday

Sunday morning was freezing (with a few flurries of snow!), but that didn't stop the girls from bundling up and heading out with the dyed eggs for a second egg hunt. Thanks Grandpa!

Egg Hunt #2
They look like a pack of tiny immigrant girls fresh off the boat.

And now, we're all back to our daily grind. Maggie had school today, and Mike went to work. Kate and I hit the grocery store and did laundry. She was so sad all day that everyone had gone home, and she kept asking if we could just drive back to Gram and Grandpa's right away. I'm pretty sure it wasn't even the candy and cakes that she was missing.