Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Shovels and Rope are coming out with their new album, Swimmin' Time, on August 26th. We already have our copy pre-ordered, so you're slackin'! Be sure to go over to NPR and listen to the album for free so that at least you know what you're missing.

Cary Ann Hearst! *swoon* I love her.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Katie Sez...

... Folks, we haven't seen anything like this in a very, VERY long time - since the '90s!
(while doing a fake news broadcast with Maggie)

... I do not like that dad buzzard! He's mean to those coyotes, and he won't let his son play the banjo! Everyone likes the banjo! I wish I had a banjo!
(said extremely indignantly, while reading Hank the Cow Dog: It's a Dog's Life at bedtime the other night)

... Great joke! Nailed it! Psyche!
(after telling me I had something in my hair when I didn't, making me get up to go look in the mirror; then she made me give her a high five)