Friday, July 31, 2009

She's Asking For It

Kate does not want to nurse. Kate does not want a drink of juice. Kate does not want any Cheerios. Kate wants to cry.

Kate does not want to play with that toy. Kate does not want to look at that book. Kate does not want to watch cartoons. Kate wants to kick you while she screams bloody murder.

Kate does not want to walk around the house. Kate does not want to look out the window. Kate does not want to lie down in her crib. Kate wants to knit her brows together and make angry barking noises at you.

Kate does not want that Tylenol. Kate does not want you to rub Orajel on her gums. Kate does not want that stupid frozen anything. Kate wants you to attempt to hold her while she screeches and tries to flop out of your arms onto the floor.

Kate does not want you to comfort her or entertain her in any way. Kate wants you to dump her on the curb in the rain, go back into the house, lock all the doors and windows, go down to the basement, sit on the dryer in the dark and eat an entire bag of potato chips by yourself.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New News

A couple of days ago we noticed that Kate has FINALLY cut her two middle bottom teeth. Actually, I noticed when she bit me with them! They're just a tiny edge of sharp whiteness right now and it's done nothing to make her less whiny, but there they are! Congrats to Kate!

Girls Gone Wild

A Little Silliness

Party Hardy


Maybe She Had One Too Many

Sleeping It Off

Kate Gets the Last Laugh

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maggie Sez...

... But I have more foot dancing to do on the drive walk.

After I asked her to stop jumping in rain puddles in the driveway and come inside for dinner last night.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lesson Learned

If you have PVC plumbing you can flush those "flushable" baby wipes and cleaning wipes. If you have cast iron plumbing, as we do, you can not. Cast iron pipes are apparently rough on the inside and the wipes get hung up on the sides of the pipes. Toilet paper disintegrates before it can accumulate enough to clog the pipe, but the wipes stay stuck. Also, we learned that if you flush your floss down the toilet with your cast iron pipes, you can build up a floss ball big enough to impress the Guiness Book people while you flood your basement in sewage. All these things are good to know. Also, rather expensive to know. I thought I'd give you guys this info for free. I'm generous like that.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

To Make a Short Story Long...

This is how story time goes in our house these days:

Mom: Old MacDonald had a farm
Maggie: Where's the E?
Mom: Right here. EIEIO.
Maggie: Where's the E?
Right here. And on...
Where's the O?
Right here. And on that farm he had a - what's that Maggie?
Fersie! *giggle*
That's not a horsie! You know what that is. He had a ....
*snicker* Fersie!
He had a cow.
*maniacal laughter* COW!
What's this?
A cow?
What's this?
The cow's head?
What's this?
I don't know what you're pointing at. The spot on the cow's hide? It's a brown spot?
It's not a fersie, it's a cow!
With a moo moo here.
That's a bird.
And a moo moo there.
That's a bird.
Here a moo, there a moo.
That's a bird.
Everywhere a moo moo.
That's a ...
Yes! That's a bird! Jeez.
It's red.
Old MacDonald had a farm.
Where's the E?

This is why people teach their kids to read to themselves. If they didn't get so annoying about it, I guess you'd just go on reading to them forever and they'd end up illiterate. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kate Sez...


Mommy says, "Ha!"
Katie says, "HA!"
Ha! HA! Ha! HA!

Katie laughs and topples over.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Too Cute

Yesterday afternoon, I watched from the front yard as Mike and Maggie took a walk down the street, their backs to me. Mike was strolling along completely normally holding on to the hand of what appeared to be a Muppet run-jump-skipping at his side. Mop of curly hair bouncing, gangly arms and legs flying out in all directions, and her OU crocs looking exactly like a pair of gigantic red and black cartoon feet. I couldn't hear her talking, but I'm sure her squeaky (now nearly constant) dialog would have fit the picture perfectly. All she needs now is an orange fun-fur coat! Please send all fan mail to:

Fraggle Maggie
The Big Blue House
Sesame Street

PS - Maggie Sez... "It's a wonderful day to take a walk!"

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Calling All Carnivores

Another reason why it's nice to have your own house is BACON! I fried a whole package of bacon this morning for breakfast and it was delicious. MMMM .... bacon. It's the only pork product I really like. And when you live in a crowded apartment it's just not worth it to spend three days being grossed out about how your underwear and your toothbrush and your pillow smell like smoked, fried meat. But the windows are open and the cross breeze is freshening up the air as we speak, so we can have our bacon and eat it, too.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today, Mike mowed the grass, went to Home Depot, and grilled hot dogs out on the deck on his new grill. I asked him if he felt like a Dad. He did.

However, in true Mike fashion, he was drinking a cup of coffee while grilling instead of a beer. :)

Maggie Sez...

...I dreamed about sheeps!

What were they doing? I asked.


Were they fighting criminal cyberdogs?


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random Thoughts

...from a person who can't string thoughts together into coherent paragraphs right now!

*I've recently rediscovered Nilla Wafers and they are so delicious. With or without banana pudding. Yum yum!

*Earl has somehow managed to injure himself and has a hand print-sized, hairless, scabby patch on his side. He doesn't seem to care about a bit except that he enjoys licking it incessantly. Thanks a million to my cousin and generously on-call virtual vet, Dr. Sexy Hair, for her advice!

*I'm not sure at this moment why we bothered to buy a house when we could have just driven a dump truck load of dollar bills up Mount Washington and chucked them all over the side. It would have saved us a lot of time and backache.

*We've entered the Age of the Soggy Cheerio around our house. I remember this phase now from Maggie's baby days. Soggy Cheerios stuck to the couch, soggy Cheerios stuck to the bottom of my foot as I walk through the kitchen, soggy Cheerios hiding amongst the toys and in between the pages of board books, soggy Cheerios clinging to the sides of the trash can and the sink and the cabinets and the fridge, soggy Cheerios ground into all of our clothes. But boy doesn't Kate sure like them. Yay for soggy Cheerios!

*We have a sewage pipe in the basement that we discovered to have a rusted hole in the side of it. The plumber comes on Friday to install the new dishwasher and he's going to take a look at it. There's a chance it's old and no longer in use or some kind of vent pipe, in which case it won't be a huge disaster. I'm not holding my breath. The plumber is also going to switch my washing machine hook ups so that hot water comes out when it's set on hot and cold water for the cold wash. How exciting.

*Maggie has started to pronounce things with a funny, vaguely Joisey accent, like: swahft for soft or keyouch for couch or swahcks for socks. Maggie sez... I doh woahna teak a beeyath! I don't think it's really a Boston accent. I have no idea where she's getting it from.

*I think we're going to go for a walk around the neighborhood and swing by Dunkins to pick up some more coffee as soon as Kate wakes up from her nap. It's actually sunny outside!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Maggie Sez...

... Katie puh-tatie, Turtle puh-turtle, Daddy puh-taddie, and Earl puh-terl.

but if Mommy says "Maggie puh-taggie" then Maggie sez...


PS - She never says Mommy puh-tommie. Weird. And Katie and Turtle are the main ones she says all the time now.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Kate's First Guitar Lesson

Miss America Celebrates the 4th in her Garden

The Girls Relax

Kate's 6 Month Check Up

We went to the doctor yesterday for Kate's 6 Month visit. Here are the stats:

15 lbs. 7 ozs. - 46th or 47th percentile
26 inches tall - 80th percentile! (must be that old Bawdischweiger again)
I can't remember her exact head measurement, but it's around 40th percentile, which is interesting because Maggie's was always 80th or 90th! Maggie's going to be a TV news pundit when she grows up.

Overall, Kate's doing beautifully. She has good motor skills and is babbling up a storm. She's rolling over and sitting alone now, except that she will randomly crash so I always leave a pillow or the boppy behind her. She's ready to move on to stage 2 foods and we can now give her finger foods like Cheerios and zwieback and soft cooked foods. She's a shiny, happy person.

Poor Maggie also got a little attention from the doctor yesterday, even though it wasn't her visit. She raked her closet door over her toe last week and banged up the toenail pretty good. We talked to the nurse on the phone that day, but we wanted the doctor to just give it the once over to make sure it's really OK. The nail lifted off the bed and turned white; Maggie kept telling us about and showing us her "green toe." Now the nail is just hanging on by a tiny piece on one side. Yuck! The doctor said to try to keep it on as long as possible to protect the nerve endings underneath while the new nail grows in, so we're keeping it under a bandaid. It's not slowing her down at all, and while she will say that it hurts if you ask her, she doesn't seem to notice it much. I will spare you a photo of it as it's pretty gruesome! Boo boo kisses for Maggie.

Thanks for all the requests for more blog posts! It's nice to know that people are interested in what's going on with us and enjoying reading this. I'm trying to get some of my life under control and free up some time for it. We've got a million good stories happening around here, but they are what's keeping me from sitting down for 5 minutes to write! I'll at least get some photos up soon.