Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kate's 6 Month Check Up

We went to the doctor yesterday for Kate's 6 Month visit. Here are the stats:

15 lbs. 7 ozs. - 46th or 47th percentile
26 inches tall - 80th percentile! (must be that old Bawdischweiger again)
I can't remember her exact head measurement, but it's around 40th percentile, which is interesting because Maggie's was always 80th or 90th! Maggie's going to be a TV news pundit when she grows up.

Overall, Kate's doing beautifully. She has good motor skills and is babbling up a storm. She's rolling over and sitting alone now, except that she will randomly crash so I always leave a pillow or the boppy behind her. She's ready to move on to stage 2 foods and we can now give her finger foods like Cheerios and zwieback and soft cooked foods. She's a shiny, happy person.

Poor Maggie also got a little attention from the doctor yesterday, even though it wasn't her visit. She raked her closet door over her toe last week and banged up the toenail pretty good. We talked to the nurse on the phone that day, but we wanted the doctor to just give it the once over to make sure it's really OK. The nail lifted off the bed and turned white; Maggie kept telling us about and showing us her "green toe." Now the nail is just hanging on by a tiny piece on one side. Yuck! The doctor said to try to keep it on as long as possible to protect the nerve endings underneath while the new nail grows in, so we're keeping it under a bandaid. It's not slowing her down at all, and while she will say that it hurts if you ask her, she doesn't seem to notice it much. I will spare you a photo of it as it's pretty gruesome! Boo boo kisses for Maggie.

Thanks for all the requests for more blog posts! It's nice to know that people are interested in what's going on with us and enjoying reading this. I'm trying to get some of my life under control and free up some time for it. We've got a million good stories happening around here, but they are what's keeping me from sitting down for 5 minutes to write! I'll at least get some photos up soon.

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