Monday, July 13, 2009

Too Cute

Yesterday afternoon, I watched from the front yard as Mike and Maggie took a walk down the street, their backs to me. Mike was strolling along completely normally holding on to the hand of what appeared to be a Muppet run-jump-skipping at his side. Mop of curly hair bouncing, gangly arms and legs flying out in all directions, and her OU crocs looking exactly like a pair of gigantic red and black cartoon feet. I couldn't hear her talking, but I'm sure her squeaky (now nearly constant) dialog would have fit the picture perfectly. All she needs now is an orange fun-fur coat! Please send all fan mail to:

Fraggle Maggie
The Big Blue House
Sesame Street

PS - Maggie Sez... "It's a wonderful day to take a walk!"

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