Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kate's Spokesbaby Career Takes Off

Kate recently recorded a foreign-language TV commercial for her favorite snack treats, Baby Mum Mums. Huge profits are expected to start rolling in any second. Here's the clip (sorry we couldn't add subtitles; that would've made it perfect!):

As for what's been going on with us the last almost a month since my previous post... insanity. In the interest of saving space and not lighting my keyboard on fire, here's the quickie version:

Connecting flights, lots of crying, car seat snafu, Alex's wedding, cute flower girl, lots of crying, missed reception, up all night, lots of crying, fun at Nana's & Papa's, learning to crawl, babbling constantly, sleeping poorly, lots of crying, missed the zoo, Eric's wedding, catching up with old friends, sangria swirls and cheese fries at the Mont, rush to airport, stupid car seats, connecting flights, no stupid frickety fracking changing table, LOTS of crying, 10 days worth of cat barf, why does our house still smell like an old lady?, potty training, poop on the floor, big girl panties, attempted stair climbing and couch standing, falling, lots of crying, teething?, frozen peas, lots of crying, sleepless nights, laundry, laundry, laundry, potty success & "chocolate treats," hissy fits, lots of crying. Whew!

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  1. She does have a shot at a career. You could pad her college fund. Just be careful not to turn into one of those crazy stage moms. Well I guess you could as long as you adopted an Okie accent and yelled inappropriate things! :)


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