Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Part 3

Day Five: Indianapolis

Thursday of our trip was a big day of fun for the girls. Besides swimming, we also went downtown to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis and then out to dinner at a restaurant. They had a blast!

Nana and Papa Time

My parents brought the girls a bunch of little toys and things to play with. Kate chased that little soccer ball around for hours. And don't try to play the Memory game with Maggie - she'll slaughter you.

Herding Cats, er, Girls

We went swimming all three days that we were at Everett and Sandy's. The girls loved the pool so much and it was plenty hot. This photo was taken mid-morning and the water was 80-something degrees already.

The family that swims together... what? Gets wet and sunburned?

Sharing a Pool Floaty

In the Dinosaurs Exhibit at the Children's Museum

Kate loved the trains! They had a real, full-sized locomotive and caboose. You could walk through the caboose and I think the girls went through it twice each. They also had a big train set with all the trains running. Katie sez... "choo choo!"

Future Engineer (this was a little toy train engine)

Driving Lessons

They have a whole refurbished old carousel inside the museum. We actually went to this same museum a few times back when I was a kid, and they have always had this carousel. I remember riding it when I was small!

Kate and Nana on the Carousel

Kate loved the carousel music. Even after we got off the ride, my dad held her while she watched it go around and bopped her head along with the music!

They had three playhouses in one room of the museum. One was an old house that Eli Lilly (of Lilly Pharmaceuticals of Indianapolis) made for his daughter decades ago. Then there was a little tree house and this ice cream shop. We could hardly drag Kate out of this little play shop!

An old original coin operated horse - just a nickel!

Stacking chairs with Nana

This was part of a display of fun house mirrors. It was the cutest little tea party display. You can see where the table is cut in half - the stuffed bears are on the other side of a wall of glass with a mirrored wall behind them. It gives the illusion that the kids are having a tea party with bears, but there's only a small part of the room that they can manipulate, so it's like being in a perfect little diorama. Maggie and Kate LOVED it.

I think they want one of these for their play room at home.

Don't actually eat the toast! This is probably where she licked up the germs that caused the terrible head cold that she and Maggie and Mike had by the time we got home from the trip.

Hall of Mirrors

This is one of two huge and intricately decorated doll houses they have had on display since I was a kid.

Photo Op in an Indy Car

Fishin' With Papa at the Water Table

Kate's Turn

Sand Table

The sand in this table was so soft and fine. It was like playing in a huge pile of table salt.

Kate had to stand on this stool to play with this doll house!

Little Buckaroos! My grandma gave the girls this pink poodle and bunny rabbit. They love them and pretending to ride them in this picture. At this point, I think they were getting a little punchy after a long day!

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