Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here's a photo of the house yesterday evening. The front is scraped and primed and there are a couple of patches of the blue paint near the far left and far right first floor windows. There is also a patch under the lower right-hand corner of the picture window (far right, first floor) of another color called Bella Blue. It's the next shade lighter on the color chart from Vanderberg Blue. It's almost impossible to see against the primer because it's the same dark/light quality, but it's brighter than either the primer or the V. Blue paint. I think I've decided that it's a bit TOO bright - to seafoam-ish. Our painter said it was "whimsical!" :)

As of this moment I'm fully on board with the Vanderberg. They'll probably start painting the color on the front tomorrow, so we'll see what actually ends up on the house then!

... I'm a mess ...

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  1. Oh aren't home repairs fun? I think it will look great! Very New England-ish.

    Two things I love about your photo: 1. Kate standing forlornly in door and 2. your hydrangea. I am jealous!


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