Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Katie Sez...

... Mom, everyone is decorating for Halloween. Everyone. Why can't we decorate for Halloween? We need pumpkins and spooky spiders! Please, mom, please?!

Did this really start already? This everyone thing where everyone else in the world but me is doing something/getting something/going somewhere and I don't ever get anything and I'm whining. That thing. We've started that already? Really? Who took my baby away and left this obnoxious teenager in her place?

I have NOT begun decorating for Halloween because 1. it's September and 2. September is kicking my butt. I can't believe how busy it's been here the past few weeks. It seems that every weekday is a blur of pick up and drop off times and lunches to pack and forms to fill out and show-and-tells to remember. And then every weekend is filled up with things to do and places to go. Fun things, exciting things, some scary things, some tedious things, but mostly enjoyable things and people we love to see. Nevertheless, our life is zooming by and the house is a wreck. Where would we even put pumpkins and spiders when it looks like a bomb went off in here? There are probably some real spiders living under the laundry pile in the basement anyway. Why buy plastic ones?

I never like it when life gets hectic. It makes me feel strung out and unsettled. Where did the time go? I just wanted to drink my coffee on the deck and watch the leaves change color, but I turned around and the month was gone and the colors have already started to show. I didn't get a chance to live while my life was happening in fast forward.

There are six more days left in September. This coming weekend is scheduled to the hilt, but then I'm going to attempt to put the brakes on as best I can. My New October's Resolution (remember how in January I said I never make resolutions??) is to stop and smell the pumpkin pie. I need to take my girl to the farm stand and pick out some mums and decorative gourds. I need to throw away some old magazines and put away all the books I've finished reading. I need to pack up the good 50% of the mountain of shoes next to the front door that no longer even fit the feet of anyone who lives in this house. I need to make a big pot of soup or chili or beans and cornbread. I should make a carrot cake. I need to sit on the deck and drink my coffee and watch the leaves change.

(I'm not even going to check my email while I'm out there!)


  1. May I please join you? I can't even remember what day it is.

  2. The trees are looking gorgeous! That just means it's almost time to start raking, raking, raking. I'm laying low while I can - though I did get those shoes picked up and I did make some of my mom's potato soup last night. Progress!


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