Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

The Empire State in Red, White and Blue

We ran down to New York City on a bit of a whim for the long holiday weekend to hang out with our NYC peeps. Cousin Ana and her parents decided to come up on the train from DC, too, so we had all the ladies together!

They went right to sleep without any nonsense. Yeah, sure.

Hanging out at EGB's place

Fancy Ladies Who Brunch on the Upper West Side

Being Good at the Restaurant

Grilled Cheese and Wiki-sticks

Saturday was drizzly and chilly, but we braved the elements.

Headed up to the Hayden Planetarium and the Natural History Museum.

Urban Monkey

Headed back Downtown

Experts at Riding the Subway

Maggie's First Bubble!

Times Square

Mom and Kate

Life-sized X-wing Fighter made out of Legos!

We made a lot of wishes in a lot of fountains!

More Adventures on the Subway on Sunday

Kate's Big Feet

Maggie's Big Feet

Elizabeth's Big Feet! So Fun!
(Please stop putting your hands and faces all over the gross tile walls on the subway platform, Argh!)

We stopped by Amy's office for a potty break and a quick conference.

Pink and Purple Extravaganza in Columbus Circle

Central Park

Rock Climbing in the heart of New York City!

Another Sighting of the Urban Monkey

The Carousel in Central Park

Candy Land

Walking through Nolita looking for Gelato and Coffee

Gotta buy a Lucky Cat in Chinatown!

We had so much fun with all the cousins in New York! Life seems so quiet now.

**Because I always rely on the kindness of others, most of these photos were taken by my awesome Sister-in-law, Amy. Thanks for hosting and documenting our fantastic Fowler Family FunFest weekend!!

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