Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December?! I'm still not caught up from October!

Uh, I think I forgot to update my blog. Oops. I got sidetracked with a few (hundred) other things, and then we went to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. Here are the photos from a post I started and never finished about the girls raking leaves with Mike. Happy Fall in New England, everyone!

I always wear a dress when I do yard work. How about you?


Not helping.


She said she was pretending to be a tree.

At least they had a good time. Well, if memory serves. It seems like I remember that they had fun. It was kind of a long time ago and I'm getting old.

Anywho... Oklahoma. We flew in to Tulsa last Wednesday and went straight to Okmulgee to stay with Grandma the Great. It was much, much too short, but we did see most all of my family on both sides, and I ate a LOT of pie. The girls were very upset that we had to come home on Sunday. Maggie demanded that we make Oklahoma and Massachusetts be the same place because she wants to live in both places at once. You and me both, kid.

Everyone had their dogs with them, so the girls got to love on a bunch of dogs all weekend. So far they haven't demanded one of their own, but I was worried!

We played a lot of Chinese checkers. With Uncle Alex...

... with Auntie Jasmin...

... and with Papa. But it was Great Aunt Annie who finally put an end to Maggie's winning streak/Reign of Terror.

Hanging out with Nana, Papa, Uncle Ev, and Aunt Sandy.

This is how I spent my Thanksgiving vacation.

I also got to hold my newest little cousin Eli, son of Brad and Natalie and grandson of my Aunt Ann and Uncle Tom. He's a mere six weeks old and the cuddliest little guy. Holding other people's babies (and then going home and getting a good night's sleep) is one of the best things about hanging out with family and friends. I do love to borrow other people's babies. Especially the handsome and smart ones like Eli. Too bad I didn't get any pictures with him!

Ridin' in the Gator with Uncle Karl.

Kate insisted on wearing her seat belt. Safety first!

Rock n roll hay bale with Karl and Ann

Getting a little boost

Smize. What a couple of cheeseballs.

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