Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I was working on a post about a bunch of exciting albums that are coming out soon, but then I found out about this new Queens of the Stone Age video for "Smooth Sailing," my favorite song off their Like Clockwork album. I'm just gonna bump it up to the top. Yeah.

OK, so back to what I was saying about new albums...

I'm sure you can imagine the excitement over here at the Fowler household about the upcoming new Jack White album, Lazaretto, coming out June 10th. I think Mike is secretly checking the mailbox for it everyday even though he knows it won't be there. He's a member of The Vault at Third Man Records, so he'll get a huge box of goodies and a special blue vinyl copy of the record when it comes out. It's gonna be like Christmas in June for a certain special little boy Mike.

Maggie's totally fave band ever is The Secret Sisters, whose new album, Put Your Needle Down, comes out April 15th. She's so obsessed with them that we have had to insist that she choose SOMETHING ELSE, ANYTHING ELSE when it's her turn to pick the music in the car, because as much we love their last album, we can't listen to it EVERY SINGLE TIME for four solid years.

Here's Maggie's favorite song (a Hank Williams cover, she does have good taste) off the last album, The Secret Sisters -- "My hair is still curly and my eyes are still blue, why don't you love me like you used to do?"

Here's a video for a single off the new album:

And, finally, I'm looking forward to the new Felice Brothers album on June 17th, Favorite Waitress. Here's a preview they made:

This article in Esquire, an interview with James Felice, includes audio of a new song off the album called "Cherry Licorice."

Looks like we'll have plenty of good stuff to listen to on our big roadtrip to visit friends and family in the Midwest this summer! Can't wait.

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