Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer Adventures, Part Three

Up next on our Summer of Fun was our annual daytrip to Star Island with my friend Erin. This was our fourth consecutive year to go! Here's the post from our first trip out with the girls in 2011. Erin and I have also been out by ourselves for a weekend Women's Retreat last September, which was a wonderfully relaxing getaway from the outside world, as Star is meant to be. We always have a good time out there.

Mags loves loves loves a ferry.

Our next order of business was to finally get ourselves over to the new Legoland with Mike and Kate. I went as a chaperone on Maggie's class trip last Spring, but of course little sisters weren't invited on a school trip, and Kate was deeply, mournfully, disappointed. I think Mike was also secretly a little jealous!

Underneath the giant Lego giraffe out front

It's not a very big place, but there are a few rides and a climbing area, a 4D movie theater (I guess the 4th "D" is that there's wind and snow and lighting effects in the theater at certain points during the movie), and several building centers with tons of bricks. There's also a room with a huge model of Boston made out of Legos, which was my favorite part. The climbing structure was probably the girls' favorite thing, and Mike seemed to enjoy the area where you could build cars and race them down a ramp.

The State House, Boston Common/Public Garden, and the Swan Boats -- obviously not to scale.

There's even a little window under the display of Back Bay where you can see Cheers below the street level!

BUT WAIT! Don't go yet... I totally forgot to include these pictures at the very beginning of the series! We went on a quick afternoon trip with Mike's family to Hampton Beach on July 4th weekend to see the sandcastle contest entries (and eat ice cream and splash in the water a little bit).

There wasn't a single picture where they ALL looked like they didn't hate having their picture taken, so I chose this one because Elizabeth looks the cutest. C'est la vie.

Who would've thought a prairie girl like me would be raising beach girls like these two! They take after their Gram.

Stay Tuned! Tomorrow (or maybe Wednesday): Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway, Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, Spectacle Island, and a Duck Tour!

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