Monday, October 26, 2009

My mom has demanded (via phone and facebook) that I get my rear in gear and put up some new stuff on here. Yes, mother.

Last night, Mike carved the girls' pumpkin. Maggie requested triangle eyes, a happy smile and 10 teeth. It's got nine teeth and looks a bit as though it's a victim of British dentistry practices, but she had a marvelous time watching Daddy scoop guts, so it's all good. She insisted on going out on the front porch to check on it this morning right after she woke up. Still there!

As for Kate, she's been up for an hour or so the past few nights hollering crazy stuff from her bed that sounds very much like "Hey Turtle" and "Hey Daddy." She also has possibly said "Bye bye" a couple of times now. Nothing in the Mama category though, of course! I also bet she'll take a step here any day now. She can zip around the house hanging on to the furniture pretty well, so it's only a matter of time. Where'd my baby go??

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