Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Puppy Love

Yesterday I took the girls over to my friend Amy's house to see her new puppy, Acadia, and have lunch. I can not believe that we haven't had a single demand for a puppy yet because Maggie loved her so much. Kate thought she was hilarious at a distance, but was a bit anxious about her up close. Maggie got to give Acadia her lunch and take her outside to pee and play with her toys! She thought it was awesome. And Amy had juice boxes, so it was a most successful visit! The girls were both extremely interested in the dog's crate and both of them climbed inside and were quite thrilled by it. So we're going out this weekend to get them a cage. Don't worry, we'll get one big enough for them to be in there together so they won't be lonely!


  1. I know that Noah does enjoy Loki's quite a bit. We do have an extra I could send you. :)


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