Tuesday, February 16, 2010

They Prefer the Cupcakes and Balloons Part

We had a big doctor's appointment today - Kate's year check up and Maggie's 3-year check up. Can you believe it?! Everything went perfectly; both girls are doing great and the doctor was happy with their progress.

Maggie weighs 28 lbs. and is 3 feet tall. We couldn't remember the exact percentiles, but we think it was about 20th for weight and just under 40th for height. That's close to what she always has been, so the doctor wasn't too concerned that she's so skinny. It's funny because she seems tall compared to other kids her age, but it must just be because she's so thin. She still wears 2T clothes, so I guess that's about right. She was able to show the doctor three fingers for how old she is, but she didn't talk very much out of shyness. He was also impressed that she was not wearing diapers even at night and that she used a full sized toilet instead of a potty chair. Yay for us! She did have to have some blood taken for anemia and lead poisoning tests, but Mike says she was a brave little soldier (I was out in the waiting room with Kate who was crying because she was missing her nap time - lucky me). Luckily, her next appointment at 4 years will be the last shots she'll have until she's 11, so we're almost through the woods on that one. And she officially has all her baby teeth, so teething is a thing of the past for Miss M. She's growing up!!! Ack!!!

Kate is 22 lbs. and 31 inches. That's about 50th and 87th percentile respectively. 87th percentile! She's a Baldischwiler! And the 22 lbs. is amazing to us because the nurse told us that Maggie was 23 lbs. at her 2 year check up last year. We can tell that because Kate is wearing 18 month clothes, which Maggie was still wearing the winter Kate was born! The doctor was not so impressed that Kate doesn't actually say any real words (sometimes she says stuff that mostly sounds like Dada or night night or bye bye, but it's not very clear or consistent). Just like last time, we've been threatened with intervention if she's not saying anything substantial by the next appointment at 15 months! I'm not too worried about it though because Maggie didn't talk until 18 months and she's obviously more than verbal enough now. I really think Kate is on the verge anyway. Kate had no shots and no blood drawn, so she got off easy this time.

We got a pretty good stack of snow today, and I had to drive home from the parking garage in it, but we all survived and lived to tell the tale. Kate slept all the way home, not even waking up when I transferred her from the stroller to the car seat! All in all, a very fine appointment.

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  1. Noah had his 9 month appointment back on the 11th. He was 25 lbs. and 30 inches. Yep that put him in the 95th percentile for both height and weight! Giant baby!

    Glad to hear your girls are doing so well. Maggie better watch out one day Kate is going to whoop up on her! :)


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