Friday, March 26, 2010

Audience Participation

Here's an interesting question that I stole from

Say you went back in time to have lunch with your 15-year-old self. What would be most surprising about your current life to the younger you? Also, where would you eat?

I'm pretty sure I'd be relieved/horrified to find out that I was married with kids! (I vehemently didn't want either at 15, although secretly maybe I was worried it would just never happen for me. Or somehow it would turn out badly.) Relieved that I married a cute boy with good taste in music. Horrified that he's a Texan. Horrified that I'm a stay at home mom! Horrified that I was a teacher and then a secretary. Relieved that I live in Boston and have had a chance to travel some. Relieved that I went to college on a big scholarship and had such a good time there. Horrified that I went to OU! And probably relieved/horrified that I still pretty much look the same (just fatter)! I'd be relieved that I'm a generally happy and much more confident person.

We'd go get chicken fried steak at Del Rancho in Guthrie, which is no longer there. (boo hoo)


  1. Ha! I was trying to figure out what I would think, but all I could focus on was chicken fried steak at Del Rancho! MMMMMMM!

  2. I could've written this post about you word for word! You were so anti-motherhood back then..haha. And remember that time we went to Del Rancho in Guthrie and I was so excited about the phone that I ordered for everyone??


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