Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Katie Sez...

*drum roll*

... duh! (duck)

Behold, Kate's first real word. She's been saying a few things that sound a bit like baby words for a while (ba ba! Is that bye bye? bottle? Maggie?) and she randomly says things that sound like perfect pronunciations of words (Turtle!) that she never says again. But "duh" is 100% the real deal. Whenever we sing Old MacDonald, we leave the end off of "And on that farm he had a..." and Kate yells, "DUH!" Every time. It's official.

She also started saying "saw!" this afternoon, which apparently means "socks" because she's been taking her socks off all day and bringing them to me to put back on and saying "saw" over and over. She also says saw when she wants her slipper shoes on. (By the way, if you have or know a little one, those shoes - socckasins? - are the best ever. Better than Robeez in my opinion. That's my product plug of the day.)

Just for the record, Maggie's first real word was "cat." It started out as "catby" and morphed into cat, but that was the first really consistent word. Now we can't get her to stop talking!


  1. duh! duh! duh! Goose!! Way to go Katie!

  2. Yay for Kate! She is growing up so fast!


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