Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Kids Are Crazy

Lately, Maggie goes everywhere with a collection of stuffed friends whom we have been referring to as "The Entourage." They primarily reside in her bed, but they get around town quite a bit more than I would like, especially since their ranks are swelling. Here's a photo of her from last night with the entire gang:

From left to right:
Baby Baby (mostly hidden behind her arm, clothesless, one of the core gang members)
Pink Bunny
Joyce (Homie #1, the toy formerly known as Purple Cat, we do not know anyone named Joyce or where Maggie got this name from)
Blue Bunny
Puppy Puppy (brown dog she's holding in her hands, also a core member of The Entourage)
Maxine (Joyce's sidekick, formerly known as White Kitty and then Max until I pointed out that Max is a boy's name, odder still because the former owner of our house was named Maxine)
Snoopy (she is Mike's kid after all)
Peep Bunny (bunny that looks like a Peep)
Violet (primary sleeping companion, usually holds down the base camp back at the toddler bed, sings songs, calls Maggie by name, likes burritos)

Here's a recent pic of Maggie dressed (according to her) like Boots, Dora the Explorer's monkey best friend. No, she's not wearing any pants. Yes, she has on rain boots and is holding a piece of pretend birthday cake. Those huge bandages were from a relatively nasty knee-skinning incident the night before. The piece of cake really pulls the whole ensemble together.

I call this picture "Heeere's Katie!" She's taunting our cats through the cat door to the basement, which is one of her favorite pastimes.

Ah, sisterly love. Can you even tell which one of them is older??


  1. oh my gosh! Funniest post...EVER. The girls are adorable!

  2. Um I think when Maggie is just about ready to graduate from high school and/or college you should put the Boots picture on her announcements. That is a classic!


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