Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Update - Random Edition

1. We grilled pizza this weekend on our gas grill and it was super delicious. I highly recommend it. It was a little bit messy with all the various ingredients and needing to roll the dough out with flour and all that. However, I didn't make my own dough. I've heard it's easy and all, but this was our first time out there, and living in Meffa, the Italian homeland of suburban Boston, there is plenty of good ready made pizza dough for sale out there. It takes 10-15 minutes and tastes like brick oven pizza. Yum!

2. Maggie has started making up words and using them in random sentences. Then when you express confusion, she defines them for you. For example, she might say, "Turtle thought I was tunked. Tunked means when someone thinks you're dead but you're really just sleeping." Sometimes she says that these words are Spanish and tells you what they mean in English. She's an odd bird.

3. Kate likes to get in trouble and sit on the naughty step so that she can give you a hug and say "Sah-ee" afterwards. I noticed that she seemed to understand that Maggie was sitting there whenever she was in trouble (at least once a day!) and Kate started sitting there when she threw a tantrum. So I decided to begin taking her there when she does something undesirable and doing the whole routine just to get her familiar with it. I'll say, "Kate, I'm putting you in time out because you were throwing food and that is naughty." I don't make her stay there for any length of time, she just gives me a hug, says sorry, and goes on her merry way. She really likes it! She's an odd bird, too.

4. Maggie went from sleeping with 4 pillows, a blanket, and a menagerie of stuffed animals in her bed to suddenly sleeping with no pillows, no blanket, and only the elite inner circle of her entourage. Everything else is piled on the floor next to her bed. Odd.

5. Today in the car Maggie was trying to teach Kate to sing her ABC's. Mike said, "Kate, can you say A?" Kate said "Nope." B? Nope. C? Nope. And so on. Nope is Kate's new favorite word! Cheeky.

6. Here is a photo of Mags organizing her M&Ms. Classic.

7. And here is a cat's-eye view photo of Kate sticking her head through the cat door. Her head apparently grew several centimeters over the weekend because all of a sudden she keeps getting it stuck and having to be rescued. Hopefully she figures that out soon because it's traumatic for everyone, but mostly for Earl, I think.

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  1. I think we should invite Maggie over and put her to work organizing our basement!


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