Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kate's Second (Actual) Second Birthday!

Even though we'd already had a small party and my parents' house and I knew Mike's parents would come down for cupcakes over the weekend following Kate's birthday, I just couldn't bear to allow the actual day to pass without some fanfare. So we had a second 2nd birthday celebration!

In the morning, I took the girls to the Museum of Science. As soon as we got there, Kate jumped out of the stroller and ran around the open exhibit hall shouting, "Wow! Oh, wow! Oh, gosh! Wow!" with her hands against her cheeks in an expression of rapt amazement at the displays on electricity and kinetic energy and other scientific principles that toddlers love so much. Maybe she'll go to MIT? Actually, I think she might have too much personality for MIT.

Anyway, so we headed straight for the butterfly garden, which was more their speed. They loved it, although it was hard to keep Maggie from picking the flowers. Not Kate, the 2 year old... Maggie. She's the one who broke all the Christmas tree ornaments this year, too. We have to keep a close eye on that child.

Wow! Oh, gosh! Oh, wow!

Tiny, purloined blue flower

Hanging Out

They were looking at the fish in that fish tank. Kate is kneeling in a puddle of water on the floor (they'd just watered all the plants) and she would not move away from the tank, so by the time we left the butterfly garden she was all wet and muddy.

Maggie finds a puddle, too. Who needs rare butterflies when there are puddles of plain old water?!


This a Rube Goldberg type kinetic sculpture. They were very interested in it and we hung out here for a while until Kate tripped over her own feet and whacked her forehead on the floor.

Magnetic blocks

She was very proud of it, whatever it was.

Kate was nuts for this beach ball. She kept trying to throw it to this baby who was about a year old which wasn't so great because Kate pitches every ball at your head as hard as she can.

Very serious work

Dressed in a bee costume, feeding the baby bees "pollen" bean bags

Later that evening, I made spaghetti and meatballs - one of Kate's most favorite dinners - and we had some little cakes with candles and sang Happy Birthday and opened more presents.

An assortment of tiny, fancy cakes

Raspberry cheesecake with whipped cream and a candied raspberry on top.

Carrot cake and neapolitan ice cream

More presents! Maggie picked out the pink and purple paper and bows (of course).

Baby stroller! Kate does laps around the house at top speed pushing her stroller - with or without a baby on board.

New baby crib. It matches a doll high chair and pram that a neighbor gave Jane for free just before Christmas!

Crazy Forts - like tinker toy frames for blanket forts. Super fun!

And the bean bag chairs we bought for the girls with Christmas money that Grandma the Great gave us arrived on Kate's birthday! Bonus presents! They love them.

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