Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kate's Third (and Last) Second Birthday!

Can you stand any more birthday extravaganza? Can Kate? I think she's pretty much partied out at this point...

But here's the recap on the final festive event in Kate's 2nd birthday holiday season. Last Sunday, Gram and Grandpa came down to our house for presents, balloons, and cupcakes. We all had a marvelous time, and as usual, the girls are still talking about having Gram and Grandpa over to play.

More presents!

Gram Helps Out - Kate still gets distracted and never finishes opening any present unless you do it for her.

Maggie also got a couple of gifts!

Gram made the girls fleece doll blankets and pillows - so cute! They love them and are finding many creative uses for them. Kate has been sleeping with the little pillows in her bed with her.

This board has little metal beads and a magnetic pen for practicing tracing letters. It's supposed to be Maggie's, but both girls are a little obsessed with it. Thanks Auntie Amy!!

Kate was fairly convinced that this sled was actually a bed for her - complete with soft, cozy fleece blankies and a pillow.

Then we decorated some cupcakes. By the way, I made these cupcakes and the icing from scratch and they actually tasted good! Thank you, thank you; yes, I'm quite proud of myself.

Giving Kate a Hand (Note: I baked the cupcakes in the real oven; Grandpa didn't bake them in the play oven. I think he's back there in the background fixing the door that always falls off.)

Gram and Mags are Cupcake Artists

Licking the Spoon

Grandpa's a Cupcake Artist, Too

2 Years Old!

The Finished Products in All Their Pastel Glory

Taste Test


Feeling blue that Kate's birthday is finally over? Not to worry! There's plenty more where that came from. Just check back in a few more weeks for my birthday and Maggie's birthday! Festivus isn't over until the snow melts... Good thing we never get tired of cupcakes. :)

And one last thing... Thank you everyone for everything you did to make Kate's second year great! We love you all.

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