Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I See Your Snow and Raise You Two Feet

My Okie friends and family have been posting a lot of photos of and ranting about their recent snowfall, and while I appreciate how unusual and unfamiliar this kind of weather is for them/you, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say.... BOO YAH!

Here are a few Summer photos of our house for comparison's sake (notice that we have shrubberies in the front yard):

And now for the Winter shots. These photos were taken last Saturday:

This is the pile that Mike shovels the snow from the driveway onto. Last week before it snowed again, he had to go out and move the pile over so he could clear the driveway again onto this pile. Otherwise it was getting too tall and would have avalanched back into the driveway!

You can't really get into the backyard anymore unless you climb over the deck railing onto the pile and sled down.

The snow is above my knees. Kate doesn't like to play back there because it's too high on her and makes her anxious.

Our front yard shoveling pile. I can't see to back the car down the driveway because it's over the roof of the car. I just have to go slow and be careful!

Didn't I say something about shrubberies? We still have Christmas lights on them because we can't get to them to take the lights off.

Our street is only plowed in a narrow one-lane tunnel for cars to come in and out. Cars are allowed to park on the other side of the street, but only some of it has been hand shoveled out by the people who park there. Thank god we have a driveway!

Our front sidewalk

Mike's regretting not buying that snow blower last fall.

That's the top of the back yard pile looming up over the deck railing.

OK, I'm done mocking you. I'm going to go cry a little bit because it's actually snowing again right now. Luckily (?) it's only supposed to be an inch or two today and then we should get a break for a week or so. Stay warm!


  1. Thank God and all that is holy that we have not gotten that much snow at once...this year. (Last year we could have given you a run for your money.) There seems to a fine line between "oh look how pretty and fun" and "holy crap is it ever going to end." I believe you are in the latter category! :)

  2. Wow. I'm already sick of it and we didn't get that much. Its not supposed to snow in Texas. I do love the snow but only when I am snuggled warm and cozy inside. This working out in it stuff aling with the mud and sludge left over is for the birds.


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