Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Madness Continues

Thank you so much, everyone, for the feedback on the house paint colors! I really appreciate it, and it's heartening to hear so many people say, "Go bold!" Maybe I'm not losing my mind? I probably am anyway. At least there's some OCD going on here. Are you ready for round 2??

After eliminating (or perhaps moving upstairs to the bedroom) River blue, we turned our attention back to Vanderberg blue, which was my original color of interest when I first started trying to pick a paint. Ironically, Val, we discovered after we bought the testing samples that Yorktown green, which you love, is essentially the exact same color. Yorktown should technically have a tiny shade more green in it than Vanderberg in some light, but mostly they look indistinguishable from one another. So... I managed to pick out the same shade twice from hundreds of colors in the deck, listed under two different names in two different color collections (Vanderberg is a "Classic Color" and Yorktown is a "Historic Color"). Fate, perhaps? Insanity? I'm focusing on Vanderberg just because I found it first and I like the name better! Here's the board painted Vanderberg blue:

Too teal?

Up against our side door, which is black with white trim like the front door

And, again, in many kinds of light...

With Maggie! She and Kate picked blue over grey, so that's their opinion on the record, for what it's worth.

The neighbors behind us also have a blue house, and while it's a shade we like very much (lighter and grayer, no green; a very common and classic New England color), we are trying to avoid painting our house exactly the same shade - seems a bit stalkerish!

And then there is this house. It's in a neighboring town and Mike and I ran across it on the way to a gardening center (I know, what has become of my life?!) last weekend. It used to be a kind of taupe-putty color until it was recently painted this color! It's a bit lighter and greener than we wanted to do, but it's striking. According to, this house is worth $1.3M and it's HUGE - what do you think, crazy or genius?!


  1. I think that house is genius. I love that you're considering Teals. Can't wait to see what you decided.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Here's a link to another post that shows the house closer to completion. It has some pictures with the color we chose, Vanderberg Blue.


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