Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter, Resurrected

OK, I'm finally getting these Easter pics up here! I really wanted to get them posted before we head down to DC this weekend for Ana's birthday party - one thing at a time!!

We were supposed to go to our friends' house for a huge Easter egg hunt with tons of kids on Saturday but it was rained out so we headed up to NH to Gram and Grandpa's a little early. When we got there, Gram was all ready with almost three dozen eggs to dye, which the girls loved!

Kate was really able to participate in the dying this year. Last year she was a mess, threw a tantrum, and then just ended up eating a popsicle and watching Maggie finish up.

After the eggs dried, the girls added some stickers. They LOVE stickers!

They also got to make some popcorn with Grandpa...

... and have some yummy jelly bean cake that Gram made.

Of course they woke up at the crack of dawn on Easter morning and rushed downstairs to look for their baskets.

Much candy - and not much breakfast - was consumed.

Then we all got dressed. My mom sent these little matching dresses to the girls, which I had intended for them to wear to the egg hunt, but we put them on them anyway. They called them their princess dresses!

Getting dressed up really wears a girl out!

Posing for the cameras - I think they have their mouths full of jellybeans here!

Since the weather turned out absolutely beautiful on Easter morning despite the storms from the day before (they actually had had a little bit of snow in NH right before we got there!), we headed outside to hunt for eggs. The girls thought hunting Easter eggs was VERY exciting!

Even after all the eggs were found, we just stayed out in the yard playing and enjoying the sunshine. The girls took a walk down the road with Grandpa to see a tree that was cut down.

And they plopped down in the damp street in their dresses to look at a worm!

A family photo - I never can look directly into the sunshine when my picture is being taken and always end up either squinty or with my eyes closed completely!

After lunch and a nap, Kate played Mike's drums. She may have some hereditary talent!

Maggie, on the other hand, developed a new obsession with Legos! Like the drums, these also once belonged to her dad.

It was a great weekend!

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