Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Still October, Right?!

Our carpenter was going to replace the old, beat up shingles on our house last July when the painter was here scraping the old paint off. Then he got backed up and was going to come in August. Then it was October. So the painter finished painting the part that he could do before the weather turned bad and left the rest turquoise. If you need to jog your memory, go ahead and take a look back. I'll wait.

Anyway, winter happened, and then the carpenter's wife had a baby, and they had to go overseas for a month. And now it's March. But holy crap, guess who showed up! It's taken the last two weeks to get the job done, instead of the 4 days it was supposed to take. And they needed three more boxes of shingles than the amount they originally quoted us a price for, so that cost extra. But the shingles are done now and the painter is coming back tomorrow to finish up! Hooray!

Mags was sad to say goodbye to the last of the turquoise. I'm sure our neighbor on that side was not.

We also put in a new window in the stairwell because the other was old and broken.

The new shingles are way more gorgeous than even the nicer ones of the old, unfortunately.

The stairwell window from the inside


Look how lovely that is! We're getting dangerously close to not having the most embarrassing house on the block. I hardly recognize my own life any more.


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