Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My kids are in their least self-conscious, most wildly imaginative developmental stage of play. Preschoolers have crazy minds and aren't afraid to let it all hang out, so it's a like a bad acid trip around here every day.

At any moment in my house one might encounter cats, dogs, bears, dolphin whales, dragons, princesses, airplanes, dogs driving cars, cat families out for a picnic, butterflies sipping honey while leaping from flower to flower (i.e., couch to couch), fortresses, castles, caves, fairies making soup pie in a cave, fairies catching butterflies in pillowcase nets, frogs jumping in ponds (i.e., beds), cats singing Christmas carols in a cat choir for Valentine's Day, mean monsters, nice monsters, monsters roaring their terrible roars, monsters jumping through doors to do their scaring, monsters having a tea party with water and Ritz crackers, Smurfs, Nemo, Milo & Otis, Beauty, the Beast, princes, cowgirls, farmers, mermaids, teachers, teacher princes, dinosaur cowboys, alphabet farmers, butterfly mermaids, mommies, daddies, cat mommies, raccoon daddies, cat mommies who have kitten babies, kitten babies who have butterfly sisters, mermaid sisters who have seahorse pets, forests, trees, trees who have picnics, ants who have picnics, bees who go on vacation, dinosaurs who go on vacation in trains, trains who go on adventures, airplanes that fly to Oklahoma in the dining room, seagulls flying south for the winter, penguins building igloos, polar bears baking cookies, and possibly Eskimo Joe and his (her) dog Fluffy. Requirements include dress up clothes, cardboard boxes, and all of the cushions from the couch.

Most of the time you can find me hiding out in my closet with a flashlight and a sleeve of cookies. Shhh.


  1. Awww...I love their creativity. Yesterday, while in the car Annalise starts barking. Noah says, "Mommy, Annaweese is a puppy. What is it, boy?"

    Seriously, I would love to be inside their heads for just a little bit. :)

  2. Eskimo Joe's dog is Buffy! Nana

  3. Hahahahah. I am getting them Eskimo Joe's shirts for Christmas.


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