Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Great Gatsby, that Art Deco looks hot!

Excellent! Baz Luhrman is a great choice for director - he has a kind of manic, festive style that makes the party scenes look perfect and will push Gatsby's suppressed passion to the edge.

And here's my prediction that Art Deco is going to be the Next Big Thing. The whole Craftsman style craze is winding down, so the logical next step would be Art Nouveau and Art Deco. You heard it here first! Start stockpiling Lalique, people.

Art Nouveau
Emile Tassel House by Victor Horta

The "Cwyswer Biwding"
(Kate's a big fan)

Art Deco design

Tulsa, OK happens to be a mecca of Art Deco architecture. Here's a detail from the Boston Ave. United Methodist Church:

Built in 1929, when Tulsa was booming with oil money and Progressivism

Mirrored bed side table from Pottery Barn

Light fixture from Home Depot

And yes, I'm just writing all of this propaganda because this is the light fixture we bought for our bathroom this weekend!

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