Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photographic Evidence

Just after I mentioned in my last post that Kate is quite a fan of the Chrysler Building in New York City, she spent the afternoon in the kitchen building a replica of Manhattan out of canned goods. But of course, no tin can NYC would be complete without her model of the Chrysler Building. How many three year olds do you know with their very own Chrysler Building? Just one, I bet!

After the photo shoot, she went on to add a paper towel version of the Empire State Building and a Duplo Central Park. (There is a matching model of the Empire State Building that came with the kit, but Mike's not finished putting it together yet.)

In case you missed it in the previous photos, that is indeed the Statue of Liberty perched on top of the tomato paste. As Katie sez, "It's Wiverdy Enwightening the Wuhld! She's my best friend!"

So start spreading the news. Kate's leaving today. She wants to be a part of it: New York, New York! Oh well, if she can make it there, she'll make it anywhere, I guess. Or so I've heard.


  1. This is amazing!!! Kate is SO creative! Love it!!

  2. She is so funny! But it's starting to get to be like Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, sculpting the mountain where the aliens are supposed to land out of mashed potatoes and stuff - obsessed!! I guess New York is just in her DNA!

  3. I thought the same thing! The mashed potatoes!
    So cute, though. Mom


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