Monday, August 6, 2012

Bathroomageddon 2012 Update

The bathroom is awful. Awful. I hate to talk about it. It makes me ill. I went up to NH last week with the girls just to escape from it (and take showers and not have to tell the girls to stop hollering up the stairs to the contractors about unicorns who like tea parties), but it didn't get finished so I'm back at home having to face the beast again.

There was just so much trouble trying to coordinate all the subcontractors during the last two weeks - the plumber, the electrician, and the carpenter - that very little actually got done each day and the delays piled up. Add to this a series of screw ups - yes, you do have to put insulation behind the wall board; we insist you start over - and the project is just crawling.

Here's where we are now. The tiler is upstairs right this second putting in the tile, so hopefully I'll actually have something to show you by tomorrow!
The new door (with no trim around it)


The plywood is mock-ups Mike made of where the vanity and toilet will sit - slightly off kilter from centered on the wall, but whatever. At this point, whatever.

Mike found this behind the shower. It says, "Remodled 1975 by Joe Luongo 53 yrs. old."

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