Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our Scooter Gang - The Pink Ladies

It's tough to be a kid in New England, especially one born in the winter. Maggie and Kate both got scooters for their birthdays but it's been too cold and too snowy for them to ride outside. As you know, they've been riding them around the small circular race track that is our downstairs, but that brand of fun is starting to wear thin. This past weekend Mike's parents were visiting, and they took the girls out on their first real scooter run of the season. It was COLD, but the sidewalks were clear. They were zooming around like pros in no time!

Unfortunately, we're covered in snow again and expecting a bit more today and more on Monday, so the scooters are parked in the garage for now. As Katie sez (while shouting at the sky), "Come on, Spring! You come on over here right now!"

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