Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just a Typical Saturday Morning at Our House

I believe the Whos down in Whoville refer to Kate's contraption as a "great big Electro-who-cardio-shnook." She certainly makes ear-splitting noise, noise, noise, noise on it. Tomorrow we're going to try to round up teams for a Zoo-ziffer-car-zay match. Bring your roller skates.

We had the girls' yearly check-up appointment with the doctor this past week. Kate is 36.6 lbs. and 41 inches, and Maggie is 36 lbs. and 43 inches. So... yeah. Kate is in the 60-somethingth percentile for both height and weight for a four year old and Maggie is 13th percentile for height and 5th percentile for weight for a six year old. They've both always about around those numbers, so the doctor isn't all that concerned about Mags. She's just a pixie changeling. Kate had her final round of vaccinations (until boosters at 11 years old), and then we all went out for burritos to celebrate.

All is well here, if not exactly peaceful.

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  1. She has figured out how to ride that scooter, hasn't she? Cute! Nana


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