Monday, February 4, 2013

Piece of Cake

Tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be 37.

One year closer to wearing pantyhose with sandals and elastic waist jeans with impunity.
One year closer to using my hearing loss as an excuse to ignore things I don't want to acknowledge or answer questions I don't like.
One year closer to being considered adorable for dancing awkwardly in public to rap songs.
One year closer to hugging hot guys I don't know and saying, "Aren't you a looker" without them calling the police.
One year closer to having more cats than children.
One year closer to having a good excuse not to have to drive.
One year closer to saying "the secret to our marriage's longevity is that neither of us is dead!"
One year closer to rocking that feisty old broad status.
One year closer to eating the grapes in the produce aisle at the grocery.
One year closer to wearing hats.
Once year closer to mispronouncing words on purpose for comedic effect.
One year closer to cantankerousness.


Check out the awesome cake my mother-in-law and sister-in-law made for me:

It's based on this version of the cover of my favorite Agatha Christie mystery:

Mardi Gras colors are more seasonally appropriate and tastier than black and red frosting! Look how hard they worked on this project - a schematic drawing:

Ack! There's a murder hidden inside! Red Velvet.

Thanks so much, ladies! Best cake ever.


  1. Happy birthday old friend! I hope you rock the pantyhose and sandals tomorrowand give some young stud a little squeeze. Or you know let Mike fill in for that part. :)

  2. Awesome cake. I still remember when you made me read that book. Spooky.


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