Friday, February 15, 2013

Nemo 2013 Update

So, I haven't got around to posting these photos all week because I couldn't find the darn camera! Mike and I scoured the house and even the garage and the car looking for it - turned out it was underneath the computer desk. That's a good spot for it! Why didn't we think to look there sooner? Seems obvious now, sure.

After three snow days (Friday, Monday, and Tuesday), the girls are back at school - not that there is anywhere to park there, which is a real problem with no apparent solution except to keep parking in the middle of side streets and walking the girls down a gauntlet of traffic and running kids and icy ruts. I tried to do the drop-off circle yesterday morning - which is discouraged for kindergarten parents with kids still in car seats, but nothing about this situation is ideal - and we managed without getting honked at, but Maggie told me later that she cried when she got inside because it was too scary to go by herself. (Ugh! Bad mother!) So that's out! We're back to just trying to get to school on time without getting killed. Hate!

Where is that flippin' groundhog with his worthless promises?! I want to poke him in the eye.

Since the storm, we've had:

Maggie's 100th Day of School celebration (please bring 100 of something, counted out by child)

and Valentine's Day cardapalooza (please have child sign all cards themselves) - Luckily I avoided all baked goods responsibility and I'm not crazy enough to do goodie bags or fancy homemade cards. Let's encourage girls to have low expectations for future V-days. Sanity is a priceless gift.

and now I'm in the thick of prepping for Maggie's birthday party on Sunday afternoon and actual birthday on Monday. Calgon, take me away!!

And now, without further ado, pictures:

Before Shoveling

We couldn't actually get out the back or side doors at all. Mike went out the front door where the porch roof kept the snow back a bit so we could at least get the door open. But then he had to trek all the way around the house to get the shovel where he had left it on the deck the night before so he could get to it easily after the snow blocked the garage. He thought he was SO CLEVER!

This snow drift is three-quarters of a Maggie high.

Before she got "freeze bite" and needed hot chocolate to cure it.

Me, actually shoveling snow. Ugh. Mike did most of the work, but I still couldn't lift my arms for two days afterwards.

Finished (after two days of shoveling)

Front yard - yes, the piles are higher than the cars

Piles around the deck after shoveling the driveway.

Sled Track - Double Black Diamond



  1. Wow. That's a lot of snow. We got like 4 inches and it melted before the end of the next day.

  2. Send it down here!! We have had zero, zip, nada! :(

    Fun pics! Love, Ann


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