Monday, April 8, 2013

Katie Sez...

... Did you do knitting karate when you were younger?

Me: Knitting karate?! Uh, no. What is that?

Kate: It's where you knit something *mimes knitting* and then you fight someone *karate moves*.

Me: Where did you hear about that?

Kate: On the Littlest Petshop cartoon.

Me: I think that was just supposed to be a joke. It's not a real thing.

Kate: Seriously?! *disappointed face*

Me: Sorry. Did you want to us to sign you up for knitting karate classes?

Kate: (embarrassed) No.

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  1. You can tell Kate that I do knitting karate all the time. Usually, it is because one of my darlings has taken my yarn ball, is pretending to knit and not give it back. So then, this mommy has to fight them and argue. :-)


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