Thursday, April 11, 2013

Saturday in the City

Last Saturday, Cousin Elizabeth, Auntie Amy, and Grandpa joined us for a little trip to the bustling metropolis. We took the girls to Quincy Market to have lunch at Durgin Park and then walked over to the Boston Common to run amok. It was unfortunately probably the last really cold day of the season, but children apparently can't feel cold, so they didn't care. They had big fun and cried when it was time to go home. Come back to Boston when the weather warms up, Little E!

Durgin Park, a Boston tradition since 1827

Eating butter! So silly.

Watching the shoppers in Quincy Market

Boston Common

Tadpole Playground next to the Frog Pond

Foofa and Maggie

No, it's Elizabeth!

The Carousel was up and running already!

Kate's horse was named Menunia. (Minoonya?) Maggie's cat was named Kitty.

It was a fun day out with their best little buddy.

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