Monday, June 24, 2013

Vacation Preview

Yesterday, we trekked up to Portland, Maine, with Mike's parents to do a dry run of the ferry trip over to Long Island in preparation for our big family vacation there next month. With Maggie's school year finally ending this week, I'm just starting to turn my thoughts to our summer plans and getting ready for this trip. It's going to be the quintessential New England summer vacation and I can't wait, but the tough part is going to be getting twelve people, a car, maybe some kayaks, beach gear, and a week's worth of luggage and groceries on and off the island. So we decided to do a day trip over to get the lay of the land and sea and check out the house we rented.

Kate at the ferry pier, looking at a schooner that was moored there.

Maggie and Gram and Portland

Compass on the Pier

Patiently waiting to board

Maggie's Don't-Take-My-Picture Face

All Aboard!

I don't know what they're doing here, but the ferry trip was fun and the girls loved it. It's about 45 minutes and stops at several beautiful little islands in Casco Bay before we get to Long Island.

Arriving at the dock on the island.

The harbor from Wharf Street

The general store. We bought a can of Moxie there. Tastes a lot like root beer.

Lobster traps. Interesting tidbit - half the cars on the island don't even have license plates; they just say "island car." The other half of the cars seem to have tags from Caribbean islands or Aruba!

We had a picnic lunch here next to this idiosyncratically parked sparkly pink golf cart with a pink flamingo and Mardi Gras beads hanging from the interior.

Chestnut Hill Inn - our soon-to-be home away from home

Kate is playing in the dirt in the street. There isn't much traffic 'round these parts, but everyone who does pass by (whether it be in a golf cart or a battered minivan with "FUNWAGN" plates) waves to you.

My favorite spot - the fire pit with Adirondack chairs!

A quiet spot to rest in the corner of the yard. The guy across the street must be a lobsterman: the yard is full of traps and buoys.



...and more porches.

The ocean at the end of the lane. It's about a 10 minute walk from the house. There's a second beach we didn't have time to see called Fowler Beach!

A beautiful house with an amazing garden at the end of the street which has this view...

South Beach

Plenty of fun rocks to climb around on in addition to the sand

Another gorgeous house down the road

Ocean Avenue (at the other end of the island from the beach) That building renovation should be finished by the time we get there. It will be a restaurant, ice cream shop, and gift shop.

Island Avenue - the blue building is the Post Office!

Boarding the ferry to go home

Kate was passed out cold before we even left downtown Portland! We all desperately needed coffee and friend clams before we could hit the highway back to New Hampshire!
OK, Fowlers, get pumped. This is going to be an awesome vacation! We're going to be just like the Kennedys - everyone bring your topsiders boat shoes and your crisp, white button-down shirt and your LL Bean khaki shorts with the little embroidered lobsters on them. Start practicing dropping your R's - and then I guess moving them to other parts of words where they don't belong!

It's going to be wicked pissah.


  1. That looks just fabulous! You are all going to have such a great time. That is an enormous house! Mom

  2. Looks like SO much fun! Can I come? :) I could change my name to Fowler. The fire pit looks great! Have a wonderful time and kayak some for me!!

  3. Ames, what we need to do is get a Baldischwiler family vacation together. This place looks like it's a great spot for a big family reunion, even though the haul on and off the island is challenging. It's all part of the adventure! I'm also dying to get out to Santa Fe or the Grand Canyon or even the TX Hill Country sometime, although all are less awesome in July/August.


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