Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Vacation is Finally Here!

Today is the official first day of our summer vacation! And it's pouring rain! Hooray! That's OK though, because all the girls want to do is go to the bookstore. That's my kids' idea of "summer fun." I couldn't be more proud!

The last few weeks have been kind of a blur with all of the end-of-year school activities and whatnot. Kate's actually been out of preschool for about a month now, so she's thoroughly bored of me already and very glad that Maggie is finally home during the day. Let the bickering begin!

I'm not going to post a ton of pictures of the girls' programs here because you can see the faces of all the other kids in them and I'm sure their parents wouldn't appreciate that, but here are a couple of photos of Kate's pirate-themed graduation:

She said she wanted her hat to come down over the side of her face because she was pretending it was her eye patch.

She's moving on to the Pre-K program at the same school next year. Growing up!

Maggie's program was hilarious. They did a dance to the Superman theme song because they're "Super Kindergartners," and they sang a song to the tune of Surfin' USA with surfboards and sunglasses.

In her cape and star sunglasses with her surfboard. The cape is signed by all the kids in her class. So cute!

Each child in the class got to read a short book that they wrote themselves about what they learned or liked about kindergarten. Maggie's was about constellations.

Accepting her diploma from her teacher

Me and my girls (and Joyce the Cat)

Note: Kate was a little distressed at all the attention being lavished on Mags, even though we reminded her that we had already been to her graduation program.

Note: You can't reason with a 4-year-old, especially when sibling rivalry is on the line.


Here are few extra pictures of random stuff we've been up to:

The Barbie Jeep at Gram and Grandpa's is up and running.

Bikes inherited from Cousin Ana - now with training wheels.
Watch out, neighborhood, the Pink Ladies scooter gang is about to kick it up a notch.

Kate spent the night at Gram and Grandpa's all by herself last week and got to go to Gram's school and do crafts!

Tea parties. Always the tea parties. I predict this summer is going to involve a lot of tea parties.

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