Saturday, July 27, 2013

Things to Do on an Island Vacation

On Thursday, I posted a bunch of pictures of us playing on the beach during our recent family vacation. But what else is there to do at the beach besides getting cooked in the sun and collecting sand in your bathing suit?

Sort sea glass

Make sea glass art projects

Play checkers and tic-tac-toe

and Jenga

and Croquet (and posing)

More croquet

Pretend the croquet mallets are crutches and you're Tiny Tim
God bless us, every one!

Bake and eat cupcakes

Milk toasts!

Make people take pictures of your food with their phone at every meal like you're some kind of Millennial generation Instagram hipster. Look cute while doing it to avoid refusals.

Play Minecraft

Hack into the NSA
(Note: the NSA is now reading my blog - Hi, guys!!)

Drink hot chocolate on cool mornings

Play ice cream shop with Grandpa

Go kayaking

More kayaking

Kayaking is always fun.

Make "light paintings" with glo necklaces

Eat lobster

Lots and lots of this...

...or actual napping, if you prefer.

Read on the stairs

Read in a chair

Read while relaxing

Sit a spell

Take a walk

Watch the sunset

Spot seals!


Lots of s'mores

Some more s'mores

Wait patiently for s'mores

I think we totaled about 72 s'mores consumed in one week.

Drink out of the garden hose

See - there are endless opportunities for fun!

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