Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Fun: Aquarium

Yesterday we had a brief break from the tropical heat and thunderstorms that have been tormenting New England ever since school let out. We ran downtown with Gram to have a fun Girls Day Out in Boston.

First we had some lunch with Mike at his office and then headed off to the waterfront to check out the Aquarium. We realized that we haven't been there since Maggie's first birthday; we took her as some kind of attempt at celebrating a baby's birthday (What's "special" about a day to a baby? They're totally oblivious.), but just as in every single year since, the day fell at the beginning of the state school holiday week and the place was absolutely mobbed with desperate families. Kate's never even been there at all. So it was time to go.

Being summer, the place was packed with tourists and day camp kids and folks like us just trying to make the most out of summer in the city, but it still wasn't as nutso as that first school vacation week trip. We spiraled up the coral reef tank and watched the penguins eat lunch. Kate got to see an octopus, as requested. Maggie liked the purple starfish. They both were thrilled every time the giant sea turtles swam past.

After we escaped from the balmy damp of the Aquarium crowds, we decided it was time for "adult beverages" (and possibly a donut) and set off to find a Dunkins or a Starbucks, but then Jane had the wise idea to hit up the North End. On the way, we stopped in Columbus Park so Kate could run in the grass and Maggie could climb on the fountain.

Rose Kennedy Memorial Rose Garden

Caffé Vittoria in the North End - My Favorite

And the pièce de résistance: the girls can not resist the fountains in the Greenway between the North End and Haymarket, even when the sun goes behind some rainy clouds and it suddenly gets quite cool. We've been here before a couple of years ago when the girls got drenched and Gram had to run over to Quincy Market and buy them some dry clothes. Then when the girls and I came downtown last summer, I was prepared for the inevitable and brought extra clothes and a towel. This time, again, I knew better than to imagine that we would not need a complete wardrobe change in order to get out of town. Taking a bath in a public fountain has become our yearly summertime ritual.





Kind of Soggy


Sorry, I thought all of these pictures were too cute to choose from.
Don't mind me - just posting a million photos of my kids.

Hope your summer adventures are keeping you cool and dry!

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  1. Wonderful day! Wish I'd been there! Nana


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