Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fight the Power

Everybody in America these days is so good all the time, so self-improving. All you have to do to be avant garde is refuse to use organic toothpaste. Here's a list of things I do to live a bohemian lifestyle:

1. Never floss.

2. Never run any charity foot races. In fact, don't jog AT ALL.

3. Don't wax or dye anything.

4. Wear shoes with poor arch support.

5. Eat carbs.

6. Lean out.

7. Just say no to daily sunscreen. Stay indoors instead.

8. Massages are creepy. Don't let strangers rub you.

9. Don't "upcycle." Never use the word "upcycle" again.

10. Grow an unironic moustache.

Remember kids, being flawed is the new perfect.

You're Auntie Amanda :)


  1. Ok, what's the deal with the moustache? And, it's your, not you're. Otherwise you're cool--odd, but cool!

  2. I'm 37 - the moustache is imminent. I made Mike promise to tell me honestly when it's too obvious! At least I don't have any chin hair... yet. I'm also coming to terms with the white eyebrow hairs. I'm taking the position that grey hair is an act of defiance. Revolution Now!


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