Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Photos... Finally!

Here they are! Here they are! I'm determined to get these up BEFORE I put up posts about Kate's birthday, which is TODAY. Ack.

We opened some of our presents at home before we left for NH.

Marie-Grace: Kate's #1 Christmas Wish, which she was SURE Nana was going to get for her. Not Santa, Nana. Not Mom & Dad, Nana. Not Papa, Nana. Thanks Nana!! You really saved the day!

Hello Kitty Dream Lite, another must have.

So much fun stuff!
Maggie was much less specific about her Christmas list; reminded me so much of myself and my cousin Amy at this age!

Don't you love Kate's outfit?! She put it together herself, of course. Polka dots on top and bottom, AND argyle tights. Sweet.

So Maggie. You gotta open the rest of your gifts, Dude.

Marie-Grace, meet Molly. Molly, Marie-Grace. BFFs!


This is her face on Christmas Eve when she opened her one present and it was pajamas. Maggie was like, "Duh. It's always PJs, man."

So Kate insisted on wearing the nightgown Cousin Amy sent just to spite me.

Christmas morning.
Maggie is ever so politely wearing the Christmas pjs we gave her, even though Kate said hers made her look like a clown.

Poor little E broke her wrist on Christmas Eve and had to go to the emergency room and get a cast! Seems like someone has to go to the ER every Christmas!

Sweet Caroline loves her Auntie Amanda!

The situation was really looking up for Kate right about now.

Package delivery

Is that all for you?!

Finally some toys!

A couple of beautiful boxes full of doll clothes from Gram & Grandpa.

They are some very fortunate girls who got a lot of wonderful gifts.

Easy Bake Oven! The last on Kate's list of things she HAD to have.

Plus, tons of cousin fun! (Warning: Contains Clown Pajamas!!!)

The Aftermath

My favorite part of Christmas, the quiet evening after all the hoopla dies down. New book? Check. Coffee? Check. Kids with new toys ignoring me? Check.

Sleeping baby? Check.

Maggie was in her element, too. That's my girl!

Plus we had some beautiful snow.

Perfect White Christmas

We have a ton of snow and sledding pics, but that will have to be another post.

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