Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kate's Birthday Pics

You're dying to see more photos of the girls, aren't you?! Sure. More pictures?!?! Yeah! OK.


Sunday night we had Gram & Grandpa and the neighbors over for pizza and cupcakes.

My Little Pony Everything!

She was super cheesy when we were singing Happy Birthday to her.

She loves the attention.


Rock Star Stage - it plays music and has a light show. Cool.

On Monday, we had her favorite dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, and opened the rest of her presents.

Maggie decided it was almost as good to have a sister with a birthday as your own birthday because you get to share her toys and eat her cupcakes. That Margaret, always looking for an angle.

More stuffed cats! No such thing as too many stuffed cats.

My Little Pony Everything!!!


Afterwards there were many phone calls and My Little Ponies and Legos.
Today, we took more cupcakes to school to share with Kate's class (there's a little boy who's birthday is the day before Kate's and Friday was a snow day), so this should wrap up Kate's Birthdaypalooza. She's a bit sad that the whole thing is over, but she's already counting down the days until NEXT YEAR! 363 DAYS TO GO! WOO HOO!!

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