Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"I'm Getting So Busy"

Maggie always says she's getting "busy" when she means "dizzy." Sometimes they do seem like interchangeable concepts. We spent our Memorial Day weekend perusing appliance sales and getting good deals on stuff we need for the new house. Wow, do we lead a crazy sexy life or what?! We got a new window air conditioner for the kitchen since we won't have central a/c (boo!) and we got some more plastic tubs for packing stuff up. Mike is most thoroughly excited, though, about our new washer and dryer (as mentioned in my last/first post). We're amazed by how HUGE they are inside. The dryer is like the freakin' Grand Canyon! They're all nice and energy efficient, and the dryer has a self shut off sensor and an anti-wrinkle fluff setting, both of which will be awesome since I routinely forget about stuff in the dryer and it will now be all the way down in the basement. Hey, you gotta learn to appreciate the small stuff in life.

We're slowly working on packing up the apartment, although we have loads of time since we don't close on the house until June 16th and won't move until the 27th. We'll be painting and cleaning in the meantime. We also need to get a dishwasher and have it installed, have some electrical work done, put up a few feet of fencing to close in the backyard completely, and have a contractor decide if it's worth removing some asbestos insulation around a pipe in the basement or if we should just leave it undisturbed for now. I'm sure a million more (expensive!) things will crop up in the next month as well. We'll just have to be zen about it and do what we can when we can. Let's pencil in "Lounge around our new backyard with the girls in a wading pool" just to make sure our To Do list doesn't get to be too much of a drag!

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