Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Packin' It In

Most people, when packing to move, get some stuff, wrap it in newspaper, stick it in a box, tape it up, and write "Kitchen" on it in sharpie marker. Easy. This is not the way I do it, no. This is what it looks like around here:

Pick up a teapot, wrap it in paper, and put it in a tub. Kate's crying. Feed Kate. Look for teapot lid, can't find it. Change Kate's poopy diaper. Find Maggie playing with the china teapot lid. Change Maggie's poopy diaper. Wrap lid in paper and pack in the tub. Maggie whines, "I want dooths in my cup" about a hundred thousand times, and I say NO an equal number of times. Wrap another teapot and put it in the tub. Give in to Maggie and give her some juice. Wrap two cups and put them in the tub. Change TV channel because Maggie doesn't like Winnie the Pooh today, she wants Mickey Mouse. Kate's crying; pick her up. Answer the phone. Try to pack teapots while holding Kate and almost break it. Put Kate down for a nap. Find Maggie unpacking teapots while the cats eat the newspaper. Give up. Decide to wait until Mike gets home from work, but later I'm too tired to mess with it so I sit on the couch and read Newsweek. Leave it for another day.

Another day - Fiddle around on my blog writing about packing instead of packing.
Score: Chaos - 17,341; Amanda - 0

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