Sunday, May 31, 2009


I've heard before about the perils of choosing white paint, but that hasn't made it any easier now that I actually must choose for myself. We decided to paint the whole house one shade of very basic white before we move all our furniture in just to clean the place up a bit, create a blank canvas, cover up the fugly paneling in the dining room and playroom, and try to make the place our own. Our furniture is very brightly colored, so white seems like a better idea than making ourselves crazy trying to decide on bold wall colors right now with everything else going on. There are only about 12,472,295 shades of white out there people. I'm going blind trying to decide between blue whites and green whites and brown whites and yellow whites and whiter whites. UGH. Mike is, of course, little help because he's color blind (he may be using that as a convenient excuse). He says he's "bringin' the muscle" so this girly, choosing part isn't necessary for him to be involved with. If I were in charge of naming a white shade of paint, I've decided I would go with White Hot Pain in the Butt. Actually I think we've settled on a shade of Behr paint called Polar Bear. Rawr!

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