Sunday, December 27, 2009

How Lovely Are Thy Branches...

We had to take our Christmas tree down today. It was kind of sad to be done with it so soon after Christmas, but we really shouldn't have even left it here alone for just the 3 days we were gone last week... it is seriously that dead. Our insurance agent would have an aneurysm if she knew we had gone away with that fire starter still standing in our living room. It was CRISPY and gnarled and curled up on itself like a grizzly old man. As I was removing the ornaments, it became clear that rather than pulling them off over the end of the branch or unhooking the metal hook, it was far easier to just snap the end of the branch off and let the ornament fall into my hand! Half the tree was scattered on the floor by the time Mike wrestled the lights off. We're in agreement that it's the worst tree either of us has ever had. I believe the girls probably just scared it to death.

But let's end on a lighter note by clicking on the following link and reading a lovely anecdote by Louis Armstrong's wife about the first Christmas tree he ever had, at the age of 40! It's a heart warmer...

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