Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Multimedia Tuesday

Here's a silly video of Kate. This knee scooting/bouncing thing is her favorite form of locomotion at the moment. She has taken a few actual steps and she stands around no-handed quite a bit, but she's still more confident walking on her knees! I think it looks a little like we're pioneering our own new style of baby hip hop dancing (Creep? Crab? Cranky? Crumbcruncher?) in our living room/dance club, especially since you can hear me cheering her on in the background. I feel like I should've been saying, "Go Katie, Go Katie, It's your birthday!"

And in Art news, here's a painting that Maggie did over the weekend. She informed us that she painted it for Kate. Charming, don't you think? So full of sisterly love and joy. I'm not sure if Mike was trying to create a logo for Maggie's future work or if he was just trying to cheer the piece up a bit with the blue bits on the side.

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