Thursday, December 10, 2009

Riddle Me This

About once a week Maggie slips out of the kitchen with a cup of some beverage and then leaves it lying around the living room or play room for Kate to pick up, sample, and inevitably take a quick bath in. Today that beverage was juice, the drop point was the couch, and the amount of unsupervised time Kate had to chug half and then dump the rest on the couch and down her front was approximately 30 seconds.

The mystery here unveiled itself as I pulled off her sodden clothes... she had a Cat in the Hat sticker stuck to her chest! I'm POSITIVE that she did not have any decorations when I put the clothes on her this morning, and I definitely had not started drinking yet at that point. And, she was wearing a onesie undershirt with a pair of pants and a long sleeved shirt over it. Pretty much Fort Knox (hey, it's 36 degrees here today), so how did it get there?!?!

I asked her, but she's not telling.


  1. Ha! Silly Katie!

    I found a cheerio in Noah's diaper the other day. It was way in there, not just near the top band. It was down near his boy parts. My guess was that he was stashing it in there for a snack for later since he didn't have any pockets.

    Babies are funny!

  2. Well, at least she had good taste. The Cat in the Hat is cool. Did you ask the curly headed culprit??


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